Who We Are and What We Do

Mission Native America was founded in 1997 by Dr. Jerry L. Mash and Cuba Deann Mash as a ministry to America’s neediest population group.  Much of the Nation’s deep needs are in the metropolitan areas and addressed by city, state and national programs and benevolent organization.  The needs of Native America are mostly out of sight and largely unaddressed, except for the tribes themselves which are greatly stretched for resources to take care of so many needs.

Because of the government’s actions toward the Natives, they tend to be in isolated reservations and areas of Native concentration…out of sight for most people.  Mission Native America is focused on these specific areas.

Congregations from virtually every denomination and tradition participate in Mission Native America. Food, clothing, furniture, household items, health, and medical supplies are distributed to the country’s most needy. Over 80 native tribes and nations from over 20 states have been served through the December distribution of gifts to the Riverside Indian boarding school at Anadarko, Oklahoma. Over 76 semi-trailers of assistance, over $20,000,000 of desperately needed items, have been taken to reservations and areas of native concentration in Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Mexico, including Cheyenne and Arapaho, Coushatta, Standing Rock Sioux, Cheyenne River Sioux, White Mountain Apache, Pine Ridge Sioux, Picuris Pueblo, Crow Creek Sioux, Otoe-Missouri, Choctaw, and Creek.

Mission Native America provides assistance to and receives ministry assistance from Two Rivers Native American Training Center. Per capita income levels are far below the poverty line. For example, Pine Ridge Reservation is the poorest county in America with an annual per capita income around $2,500.00. In the most prosperous nation in human history, the host peoples of the land are the most deprived. In a nation with an average life span of 73, the Native population is 45.